17th October 2019

Tezza Bistro Cafe in the heart of Athens

  Tazza D’Ora Bistro Cafe Bar  One of the things I have learnt whilst living in Greece is that sitting for hours with a coffee or […]
14th October 2019

Day trip to Achaia Clauss Wine Castle Patra

My first trip to a Greek vineyard and I could not have selected a more beautiful experience. Whilst on a Ellas Porsche club drive we visited […]
11th October 2019

7 Great Instagram spots in Athens

Athens is a city for ALL seasons and is a real treat to photograph any time of the year. Fashion influencers or vacation visitors to the […]
9th October 2019

Sweet-streets tour Down memory lane!

After 22 years Mark & Janis returned to Athens to remember childhood days spent in Greece and especially around the capital city, ATHENS! During the shoulder […]
1st October 2019

Plaka Photo walk with Andres & Andrea

Whilst on their visit to Athens, siblings Andres & Andrea wanted to capture some memorable vacation photos around the streets of Plaka and the foothills of […]
4th August 2019

Graffiti Walls in Psiri with Katrina & Thalia

One of the areas in the centre of Athens which has had a huge renovation recently is Psiri and it was a true pleasure to meet […]
31st July 2019

Sunrise in Rafina Agios Nikolas Chapel

I am often sharing photos of the beautiful little churches (and some large ones) dotted all over Greece. With 96% of the country Greek Orthodox religion […]
18th July 2019

Streets of Athens with Chris & Gordon

I met Chris years ago when our boys played in their first football team together age 8 years old, they are now young men and both […]
7th July 2019

Beach Photo Walk – Ag Kiriaki Nea Makri

Every morning on my walk along the coast I pass the quaint little church of Ag Kiriaki -(St Sunday). Today we celebrate the name day of […]
24th May 2019

Ag Constantinos & Ag Elleni Nea Makri

Ag Constantinos & Ag Elleni – is a large church on Marathons avenue in Nea Makri and the main church of the town. Every saint in […]
30th March 2019

Parthenon photo walk

Join me on my Photo walk to the foothills of the Parthenon! If you are wondering what to expect on a photo tour with me around the […]
10th March 2019

Springtime Nature Photo Walk!

Mother Natures Awakes! When we first moved to Greece I was most excited to embrace all the seasons after 22 years in the desert with glorious […]