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9th February 2022
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Agios Nikolas Chapel Rafina

Visit to the port Town of Rafina

If you are travelling to Athens  airport and planning a trip to a Greek island Rafina port could be the starting point for your journey. This port is just a 25min taxi drive from the airport (approx 65 euros) or  you could take a cheaper bus ride and you will discover the lovely port town of Rafina.

This port is regarded as the second main port in Athens after the commercial/industrial port of Piraeus, a much quieter and easier port to navigate.

Rafina port town is located at the northeastern part of Attica and serves the Cyclades islands. The  ferries from  Rafina port go to  Andros, Tinos, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Ios and Santorini. During the summer months the ferry companies offer a  full schedule however if you intend to discover the islands during winter Piraeus port may offer a better schedule.

Today our walk took us from Agios Nikolas Chapel to the Port of Rafina.

Agios Nikolas Chapel Rafina

One of the most picturesque churches in Attica, standing proud, overlooking the Aegean sea and sending blessings to all the sailors that venture onto the waters. Also it must be said this is the most beautiful church for a photo shoot too. Many brides come to this church just to take some post wedding photos.


After our visit to the beautiful chapel we walked down towards the square in Rafina and on the left we had stunning views of Rafina port.

Rafina town is full of independent boutiques and shops and lovely for picking ups some gifts to take home.

Some of my favorites are the following.

  • Pallina Handmade creations  items for children @pallinahandmade
  • Handmade Art & Jewelry  by Rena Xenou @feel_the_love_by_rena_xenou
  • Handmade Art by Niachou Georgia @niachou_georgia

Rafina Main Square

Not only is Rafina a port town  a beautiful and  modern seaside town it also maintains its  authentic local Greek atmosphere, attracting a multitude of holiday-makers and  Athenian visitors. Like most typical towns in Greece and Europe, Rafina has a central square which comes alive in the evening where families  gather and children  play. This town is home to some 13,000 residents all year round but it does increase during the summer with many Athenians having their summer/second home there. The square is edged with coffee bars, restaurants and periptero (kiosks) to buy all mini essentials.

Rafina Port

The street  of the main port is  full of stalls selling fresh fish produce  and tavernas serving the same fresh local catch of the day. Ticket offices are also on hand to buy your ferry tickets to  the local  islands.

Church of Panagia Pantobasiliisi

After our walk around the port we headed across the main road to discover the picturesque church of Rafina, also know locally as the Holy Cathedral of Panagias Pantovasilissas.

Overall Rafina is well worth a visit and a lovely seaside town to start your vacation before you head off to the islands.

If you require and further information regarding a visit to Rafina please drop me a message and I will be happy to  assist you.

Safe Travels

Sandra x





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