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18th October 2022
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3rd November 2022

Athens Hall of Horror Cafe

The best places in Athens to find your Halloween experience

Halloween at Little Kook

Little Kook is undoubtedly one of the most decorated themed coffee and dessert houses in Athens. This year is no exception the design team have created a magical Halloween experience and one not to be missed for children and adults alike.  Complete with Dracula pulled carriages, decorated pumpkins and all the servers dressed in ghastly costumes. They have a special menu with gorgeous hot chocolate with and Halloween secret ingredient and devilish delightful cakes too.



Don’t forget to head back to little kook at Christmas and see what delights they have in store.

Athens Hall of Horrors

We stumbled up on this frightful horror house cafe complete with a haunted house on the main street of Ermou.

This is the ideal place for a fun coffee stop and they serve amazing ice cream too. Decorated  to horrify you but not only at Halloween this house and coffee area is open all year long.


Whatever you get up to this Halloween I hope it is suitably spooky and you get to enjoy the decorations at these two wonderful spots.

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Safe Travels Sandra x





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