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Spoon sweets (Γλυκό κουταλιού)

When we visit the villages and islands around Greece we always like to try the local produce. Greece truly is blessed with many varieties of fruits, strawberries, apricots, cherries, grapes, plums, figs, mandarin and oranges. In the villages many of the local women make spoon sweets and jams out of these fruits to sell in the local shops.

When you visit a Greek home it is still a tradition to be offered something sweet. Many times these are locally bought or home made and a  favourite pantry staple which can be made from many varieties of fruits.

These fruit preserves are not exactly like Jams and marmalades, they are preserved from thick harder pieces of fruit in a transparent syrup. Some smaller fruits like grapes and cherries will be left whole and the orange and lemon sweets  are made out of the rind of the fruit. Often served with a spoon of yoghurt , ice cream or just simply alone on a tiny glass dish.

Mount Pelion  is known for producing a variety of small apples known as firikia. These apples make delicious Spoon sweets that can be preserved and enjoyed through out the year.  I can highly recommend to buy this sweet treat when you visit Mount Pillion or the local villages.


Why not try your hand at making your very own jar of sweets. if you would like to try a local Greek recipe follow the advice in the Greek is link. If you would like to try some for yourself they can be purchased online via Greek taste.

I am always on the look out for the sweet moments in life and I  hope you enjoyed the sweetness of this post.

Safe Travels

Sandra x


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