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5th January 2020
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29th September 2020

Your Coffee Time – Photo walks Athens

Discovering  Athens through its coffee shops, one sip at a time ! The following is just a few of my favourite ones but Greeks generally love their coffee and there are so many new spots popping up all over the city.

The instagram boom in London for the cutest cafe like Peggy Porschen London and others covered in Victoria’s Stories Blog are starting to pop up around Athens city too.

Not only to coffee shop baristas  have to prepare the best coffees in town they also have to come up with the most unique decor and style. This is something Athens is running with and doing so well.

Greeks enjoy the art of sitting for hours and chatting over a good cup of coffee. In recent years there has been a rise in specialty coffee shops especially the decorated and unique ones and more recently coffee bar owners are looking for something to make them really stand out.

My Top 4 Cutest Coffee shops

1 – Little Kook

This little  fairy-tale inspired desert shop will delight you with its quirky decor and also tempt you with the most delicious ices creams and sweets. Little Kook truly puts the little dark forgotten streets of Psiri back on the map and brings the magic alive with its decor. My advise is to go early in the morning to get a good chance of a clear photo and try to avoid weekends when you can often see a long que.


2 – Tazza Cafe Bistro 

The funky decor of this bistro wine cafe is easy to spot just off the main shopping street of Ermou. It offers a range of coffee and eats from the early morning to stylish wine bistro bar in the evening. Ideal for hot drinks on cold days or cold drinks on hot days. When you find you need a break from the bustling shops of Ermou this little gem is your place to take a rest. A tiny bit of advice, check out the room decor inside it is equally dazzling.


3 – Noel Restaurant 

A coffee and restaurant serving food all day and in the night time the sound goes up and it turns into a full bar. This very unique bar brings Christmas to your heart 365 days a year. Certainly the place to visit for a unique Sunday brunch along with a Christmas aperitif French style.


4 – Elysian Cafe –  perfect Pink Spot 

This coffee shop is all about pink and you can delight all your senses with Pink overload. Located on the edge of the historic Monastiraki and Plaka this little hideaway brings all things pink to your plate. Named after the “Champs Elysee” with pink blooms enticing you in from the entrance then adorned over every wall it is clear to see what a delightful insta spot this is.

5 – Melina Mercouri Coffee Shop 

My father in Law was a well known music conductor in Athens during the 60’s & 70’s and this actress/politician was his true inspiration. One of her famous movies “Never On Sunday” won her a Cannes film festival award in 1960. The Greek minister for culture announced this would be the year to remember Melina Mercouri because October marks 100 years since her birth in 1920. She still remains a beautiful ambassador for Greece and fondly remembered by many generations. This delightful little spot “Melina Cafe” helps to keep her memory alive.

I hope you take time to enjoy your coffee when you visit any of these lovely locations and remember them with lots of fun instagram photos too.

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  1. valerie francis says:

    what a wonderful an just enjoyable story there is nothing more i like than enjoying a coffee in stunning places like these in the photos with a friend or family having a good look around an chat once again all looks so amazing well done

  2. […] city center is full of charming coffee shops all very unique from the pink stylish Ellyz cafe to the quirky Little Kook desert […]

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