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View of Anafiotika

Charming secret neighborhood in Athens.

If you take the plunge to spend more time on the mainland in Greece Athens will be your go to city. There are so many wonderful walks to explore on a trip into Athens and this delightful island inspired neighborhood is one of my favourites.

You would be forgiven for thinking that you had just arrived on a Greek island but this island style neighborhood is located  in the historical area of Plaka at the foothills of the Acropolis.

The island style architecture with its white washed houses were built in the 1800s by workers who came to Athens from Anafi.This was  an island in the Cyclades, hence the name and Anafiotika means little Anafi. The workers  were brought by King Otto to perform renovations on his palace and they captured the essence of their own home and island in their properties built in this area.

The neighborhood still retains a strong sense of pride and aesthetic, especially since many of the residents descend from the original families to arrive in the area. Today, there are around 45 of the original houses left along the quaint little island style streets. The locals often pop out of their home to greet visitors with “Kali Mera” translated literally means “Good day”.


Although this area is very close to the tourist area of the acropolis it seems relatively undiscovered and is generally not full of tourists and does not home the tourist shops found around the streets of Plaka.

Anafiotika is the perfect spot to take some instagram shots, along with my top 7 areas in Athens to take instagram photos. Anafiotika is strictly residential so if you do find yourself wondering these idyllic streets please respect the local occupants too.

I do offer this area on my  Athens photo walks  and if you would like further information please do contact me.

Safe Travels!

Sandra X

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  1. valerie francis says:

    wow yes all looks so amazing can not beleive of all the visits we have made to athens we have never come across this beautiful place so beautiful
    with the amount of areas i have now to visit when next time i visit greece i am sorry i will have to stay for longer than i have planned
    excellent lovely photos

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