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Streets of Mykonos Town


With Rafina Port on our doorstep trips to the Cycladic islands are fairly easy.  Ferries depart several times a day and only a three hour ride away Mykonos is on our list most summers.

This year we decided to find out what happens on the tiny island during the shoulder season of Spring. The islands burst into color at this time of the year with beautiful blooms of  of spring flowers.


The Cycladic islands are known to be extremely windy at times and so most of the islands are home to many windmills. The spring and Autumn seasons in Greece still boast fairly good temperatures and it is still possible to hit the beach clubs and get into the water for a swim.

Here my top 5 suggestions what to do when you have one day in Mykonos.

  • Visit the windmills

The windmills are an Iconic landmark in Mykonos overlooking the small town streets and little Venice.


  • Visit a church

There are over 1200 churches today on the island, many do not hold services and were build by families to show their devotion or to commemorate a miracle that happened. There is roughly one church for each family living in Mykonos.

  • View the doorways

Cycladic island houses are typically painted white with blue doorways. Originally the colour of the doorway depicted the owners trade, Blue for sailors and green for farmers. There was a more significant reason the houses were whitewashed in limestone and that was  to stop the spread of cholera In 1938, the tradition continues today.

  • Walk the streets in the town

The narrow streets of Mykonos town have been voted the most beautiful little streets in the world, they sure are and many are home to designer shops too. Beware, you may get lost strolling around and be sure to wear flat easy walking shoes too.

  • Sundowner in Little Venice

One little treat we always enjoy is a sundowner in one of the bars on little Venice. Get there early to secure your spot and take in the magical moments when the sun drops below the  horizon.

Enjoy your day trip to Mykonos.

Safe Travels Sandra

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