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8th October 2020
Ancient Messini Greece
21st October 2020

Looking for Art or Graffiti?

If you enjoy discovering  funky street art  especially  graffiti style, Psiri is certainly a place to add to your list when you visit Athens. You will find this area  just a short walk from Monastiraki square, close to the metro station in Monastiraki and Thissio.

A former working class hub but over the last decade Psiri has gone through a major transition and it is now a street art (Grafitti) mecca that some say rivals other major cities like Berlin.

The small streets of Psiri are also full of trendy bars and restaurants where you can find specialty beers, many kinds of cuisine and the most amazing deserts. If sweets are your thing you must try the brownies at Nancies Sweet Home (but that is for another post)

There are so many walls covered in artwork inspired by the ancient times or the more current COVID  pieces.

We enjoyed our walk surrounded by all the amazing colours and like the rest of Athens city it is such a treasure to discover .I have taken photo shoots of many family, friends and visitors to the city in this area but it still enchants  me every time I visit. You will feel like you have stepped into a live theatre and there truly is something for everyone on every corner.

Safe Travels Sandra x

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