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5th February 2023
TINOS travel guide
28th February 2023

Time to put yourself out there !

Photography has been a huge part of my life for over 3 decades. I come across people daily that need their photos taken but really do not enjoy the experience. However we live in a world with social media where your image says it all !

Contact me for a relaxed fun mini photo session which would always include a little fun.


Need a new profile pic for LinkedIn, social media or a new website ?

Want to show the world who you really are and engage with your customers?

Need help  to set up your dating app profile and want to attract the ONE ?

Just need to build your confidence or uplift your self-esteem ?

Lets do it together !

Together we can have fun in the city or at home and create your own mini set of images to tell a little story – the story of YOU !

We took Chara some beautiful head shots in the woods close to Nea Makri beach! Balloons always make a fun addition to a shoot and help to get you in the relaxed mood for a mini shoot.

Contact me direct for further details.

Sandra x

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