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9th October 2019
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14th October 2019

Instagram Photo Walk Athens

Athens is a city for all seasons and it is a real treat to photograph any time of the year. If you are a fashion influencer or on vacation in, you will find many amazing instagram photo opportunities.

I have put a list together of just a few of my go too places to arrange a photo shoot.

Top Instagram photo spots in Athens 

  • The Roman Agora
  • Graffiti Walls in Psiri
  • Little Kook Desert Shop
  • Churches
  • Doorways 
  • Flowers and Bougainvillea
  • Shops in Monastiraki

The Roman Agora – Along with many other ruins located in the foothills of the acropolis and and among the ancient streets of plaka, the ancient agora is an iconic landmark to photograph.

Graffiti Walls – Athens was plagued by awful graffiti over the past few years but now many of the walls are being turned into cool street art. Psiri is the best location to find some really interesting art work.

Little Kook dessert shop – This divine coffee house changes its decor with the season so there is always something fun to take a cute instagram photo of. You may also take a break and enjoy one of their many delightful sweets. 

Churches – When I visit a new area my first stop is always to photograph the local church. There are so many churches found in the city but also all over Greece.

Doorways in the streets of Plaka – The streets of Plaka are full of these interesting old doorways, every time we visit we find another favourite. Always remember to be respectful when photographing outside of a home and it is best to ask permission too.

Flowers & Bouganvillia – When they are in season bouganvillia bushes make such colourful and vibrant instagram photos.

Shop & Stalls in Monastiraki – The area of plaka and monastiraki are teaming with great tourist and vintage shops. Every Sunday morning you can find  stalls full of Greek style memorabilia to stroll around.

So if you are passing through the city and need help creating your own social media images do contact me for further information.

Safe Travels

Sandra x


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