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1st October 2019
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11th October 2019

After 22 years Mark & Janis returned to Athens to remember childhood days spent in Greece and especially around the capital city, ATHENS!

Photo Walk Athens

During the shoulder season Athens is the perfect city to visit with so many central sights to see but it can be overwhelming in the heat of July and August. This couple chose wise and visited Greece at the end of September and on the top of their list was a walk around the ancient streets on the city and to capture some vacation photographs along the way. Many parts of Athens have changed a lot over the years but the ancient areas still remain a welcome trip down memory lane. This tour starts at Thessio metro station and taks around 2 hours. I try to include many of the ancient sites, Aerios Pagos and the Roman gate.

The graffiti walls in Plaka made for some fun and interesting content for them to share on their social media too. I am glad the Greek government are now making a move to remove lots of the awful graffiti and replace with art walls especially in Psiri area of Athens. We also included some of the ancient churches into our walk too.

They also enjoyed hunting through the shops in the streets of Plaka to return home with some memories of their trip. There are lots more spots for instagram photos to discover when they next return. It was a real pleasure and a lot of fun to take Mark and Janis on a sweet-streets photo tour and I look forward to welcoming them back again soon.

If you are interested in booking your very own personal tour please do contact me for details. Tours can be tailored to your specific requirements and make perfect gifts for loved ones visiting the city.

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