Marathon Town – Attica Greece
7th May 2018
Best beaches in Attica – Greece
24th May 2018

Doorways are your own piece of artwork

I am fascinated with  doorways, gates and the way people create their very own piece of entrance artwork with flowers to welcome guests. Here in the area of Attica people adore their gardens and I am stunned by the nature around me these days. It is many years since we have lived in a country with 4 seasons and spring being one of my favorite times of the year ( I was born in April) therefore I feel at home in the springtime and  soaking in all the colours and nature that surround me. Always with me is my Nikon camera or  my Samsung 8 phone which takes the best snaps by far. I have been recording all the delightful doorways and artistic entrances  that I have come across in the area. They do make the perfect spot to take your home portrait or your family photograph.

Many doorways in the villages around Athens use flowers to adorn the entrances……20180508_113315

….and they make for the perfect vacation photographs.

Whilst others it is about the shape and style of the door or garden gate.20180508_115119


Keep travelling and keep discovering, walking around with your eyes wide open and enjoy the beauty around you.

Safe travels Sandra x





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