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28th April 2018
Marathon Town – Attica Greece
7th May 2018

The 1st of May tradition is one I have been looking forward too, such  sweet tradition full of flowers celebrating spring.

PROTOMAGIA – means 1st May 

This lovely tradition brings people closer to nature when families and especially young children gather to make a wreath out of freshly picked flowers then hung on the door representing  happiness, health and to welcome nature.Greek travel blogger Nea Makri

Stefani – Ring or crown of flowers

You can buy these May wreaths at many shops or flower markets and they make the perfect gift for family or friends but in Greece it is very common to see young girls and mothers walking the country lanes and making their own Stefani (crown of flowers)

I had my first experience making a flower wreath, such a fun colourful experience and a perfect time to take a colourful family photograph.



Kifisia Flower Market

Every year the main park in Kifisia (affluent suburb of Athens ) turns into a brilliant colourful mass of blooms to purchase and fill your garden to welcome spring and prepare  for the summer months.


I am always on the look out for great locations to shoot couple or vacation photographs and what a perfect location Kiffisia park is, I am sure I will return to discover more about this area too.


May day blessing to you all.

Safe travels

Sandra x



  1. Jonno says:

    What lovely traditions to get involved with. Shame we don;t have a few more of those in England, I love that sort of thing.

    • Sandra Sweet Streets says:

      Yes there are so many of these traditions here and I will try to share more. I totally agree we could do with a dose of these in UK.

      • Jonno says:

        Just a great way to get involved with the locals and learn more isn’t it?

      • Jonno says:

        I think that there are actually loads of things like this all over the UK but you only hear about them if you’re a local.

        • Sandra Sweet Streets says:

          Yes I am sure there are, my parents live in Derbyshire and the little villages have many summer fairs etc

          • Jonno says:

            Derbyshire villages are stunning, so many beautiful little places all over the county. We’re trying to get some housesits up there.

          • Sandra Sweet Streets says:

            Perfect idea, good luck and if I hear of any possibilities I will forward to you. Have a lovely bank holiday weekend too.

  2. valerie francis says:

    wow such wonderful colourful flowers really lovely photos all looks amaxing

    • Sandra Sweet Streets says:

      Thank you for your comment and I love photographing the flowers makes everything look so cheerful 🙂

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