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6th November 2017
Delightful Doorways / Dubai Travel / Sweet-streets
19th November 2017

Al Fahidi historic district or the Bastakia quater is a must visit for anyone coming to visit Dubai or the expats that reside here. This area takes you away from the glitz and glamor of Dubai and gives you a taste of days gone by. With its narrow lanes, wind towers, sand coloured houses, boutique hotels and craft shops it is a wonderful area to stroll around and loose yourself.

We chose 3 cafes to review and the all had their own unique personality and each one touched the area in a different way.


1 – Bastakiah Nights

Highlighting the old days in Dubai and full of old style antique charm and offers visitors a selection of arabian delights too. There is a AED 10 cover charge to go inside and with this you are offered the very traditional mint lemon ice drink.






2 – Alserka Cultural Foundation

A stunning urban art style cafe, surrounded by gorgeous artwork from local artists, I was seriously tempted to buy it all. Alserkal Art Cafe is a wonderful spot to relax and take a break from the heat, walking around the souk and just loose yourself for a few moments in some fun artwork.





Great views form the roof top and there is also a reading room, a place to host events and many workshops taking place.



3 – Arabian Tea House

The Arabian Tea House Perfect little spot for a relaxing and trying a wonderful range of traditional arabic food for breakfast/lunch/dinner open 10am to 10pm. I really felt transported into a yesteryear into a typical local home and got a true taste of arabian hospitality.




I have my family heading over to Dubai for Christmas and I cannot wait to share these gems with them all.

I hope you too get time to share with some special people or have enjoyed my mini tour around Bastakia.

Sandra x



  1. Spy RS says:

    Such cultural and colorful pictures…..well done

  2. valerie francis says:

    loved all the photos and all information about the history of the place …. we certainly will be visiting this area it all looks so interesting full of colour and loads of charm ………….. well done in creating such a wonderful blogg ……….

  3. Schmick says:

    Wonderful review, can’t wait to visit myself soon xxx

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