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2nd November 2017
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11th November 2017

Having spent the last 20 years in Dubai and watching every area of this city grow and change and Karama is not exception. We enjoyed an evening walk with Lucas & Katie before they headed off to new ventures and it brought back many fond memories.

Now full of graffiti walls and cheaper fashion shops, shawarma stands and endless shop owners trying to sell there wares, we had a fun evening and I can highly recommend a trip down there. It is a great place to do a vacation photo shoot too.DSC_7657

Karama is full of fashions for everyone!

DSC_7702DSC_7704DSC_7663DSC_7651DSC_7652The guys can find you anything in the streets of Karama Dubai.DSC_7693

Shop spotting in Karama Dubai too, I am sure I have seen this shop some other place!DSC_7667DSC_7707

Still under construction the very new Dubai Frame.DSC_7701

We did not leave Karama Dubai with many shopping bags but we did have a fun time and left with bags of nostalgia. We plan to return soon to see the new Dubai Frame attraction when completed and I am sure it will be another one of Dubai’s fabulous must see attractions.

Sandra x

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  1. valerie francis says:

    just so amazing loved the photos an also all the information about the place very nice

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