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13th November 2019
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Sweet Delights in Athens

If you are considering your move to Greece getting to know the food and culture of an area really helps. Every city, town or village hosts many sweet desert shops along with bakeries for fresh bread daily. It is one lovely tradition in Greece which goes along with hospitality that is you never visit a home without a small offering which is why these sweet shops stay open every day of the year.

I must admit since spending time in Greece I have fallen in love with Zacharoplastia (sweet/pattesserie shops) and gained a few kg too. Among all the other sweets and pastries Loukoumathes (greek donuts) is top of my list. These warm donut balls covered in honey and often topped with cold ice cream make the perfect afternoon treat.

Relatives told me about this very old patisserie in the center of downtown Athens and I went to discover the original homemade Loukoumathes.

Since 1923 the patisserie “Krinos” have been making these divine little donut sweets called Loukoumathes. Prior to the shop becoming a patisserie it was a pharmacy and the owner was Stavros Krinos which the sweetie shop is named after.

Traditionally served with honey and cinnamon but also can be enjoyed with chocolate sauce &  ice cream. They accompany the thick rich  greek coffee perfectly.


If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth and want a little of true Athens history, try Krinos for your donut fix.

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  1. valerie francis says:

    wow they look so yummy very yummy but i must make sure i sample them at this special original coffee house
    excellent work an photos again

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