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14th May 2018
Best beaches in Attica – Greece
24th May 2018

Cover your walls

If you are in need of some travel inspiration for Greece or other parts of Europe I found the perfect site for you. Purchase these wonderful inspirational prints for your home or office and when you take a break sit back, relax and let your imagination do the rest. I am so looking forward to heading off to another few Greek islands this summer and with my camera in hand I am heading for Ios,

Top of the list of islands visited so far MUST be Santorini, which is your favorite island?


Our memories from a recent trip to Santorini.



Victoria full of travel inspiration ideas! purchase her prints

Places we cannot wait to visit

#buranobliss Really looking forward to  visiting this idyllic spot soon.

PRINT-SHOP-LONDON-TRAVEL-PHOTOGRAPHER-5845#venicedreams We have visited Venice before but so looking forward to a return trip.


And ALWAYS London is our go to city WE LOVE LONDON!

We hope you found some great travel inspiration!

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Safe travels,

Sandra x



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