Souk Al Baha – vacation photo shoot
19th September 2017
Marvelous Milos / Vacation Photographer Greece / Sweet-streets
30th September 2017

Suggestions for great places to take vacation photo shoot at the ikonic Burj Khalifa and the surrounding Boulevard.

Standing 830mts tall and 160 stories, the iconic Burj Khalifa is a super sight from many spots in Dubai but to get upclose and personal visit the Dubai Mall and walk outside !!! Wow a breath taking sight #thetallestbuilding !!! for more Burj Khalifa info check their own website and to also book tickets to experience the ride to the top –Burj Khalifa

If you would like to create content for your social media – Want a mini vacation photo shoot – Have something special to announce like a proposal photo shoot or Honeymoon photo shoot  – or simply to capture a fun moment do contact me.







  1. valerie francis says:

    beautiful photos … full of colour … just all in all very lovely

  2. Thank you, it was very hot at the time – good I had a umbrella with me.

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