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2nd September 2017
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4th September 2017

There are so many ways to spell this name and I am not truly sure which is the correct one. With some of our Greek family from this area we decided to drive from Athens (around a 4 hour drive) to discover the real meaning behind this sacred city. Full of noble history when the people of Messolongi with their unparalleled courage and resistance stood up to the siege of the ottoman Turks and Egyptians. Every year they have a huge parade to commemorate the Greek war of independence in 1830.


Our drive took us past the Corinth Canal which separates the Greek mainland from the Peloponnese where ships can pass freely through. If you have a tiny bit of the courage the people of Messolongi had you can opt to bungi jump off the bridge, not for me though.


The next bridge we encountered was the Rio-Antirrio Bridge which is officially the worlds longest multi span cable system bridge and took 7 years to build and was opened in 2004. This makes traveling to this part of Greece so much easier and faster, no need to wait and cross by ferry.

The bridge is built to withstand earthquakes and approximately 11,000 vehicles cross every day.20160701_18122020160701_181903





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